IQF Fruit & Vegetables

IQF Fruit & Vegetables

Your Demand, Our Challenge

IQF is the individually quick freezing of the products or pieces thereof.

There are different techniques to freeze the products individually, and these are still evolving. Imagine a tunnel where the berries are blown through at an immense low temperature resulting in a bag full of free rolling frozen product.

The high speed freezing process results in many small ice crystals instead a few big ones that might rupture the cell walls, resulting in damaged products upon thawing.

Freezing preserves a product without the need of other preservatives since microorganisms are static at a temperature below -9.5°C. When stored at a constant temperature of -18°C or lower the shelf life can be guaranteed for 24 month. From the moment it is frozen, the temperature should be -18°C or less anywhere in the supply chain, also during transport.

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