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Aimed to facilitate you

Through 4 pointers we guarantee your demand is facilitated throughout the supply chain



Together is better.

For a partnership to be successful there has to be trust, a sense of security and mutual benefit. Through personal contact and patience we build a relationship of trust, professionalism and taking our responsibilities add to the sense of security. The mutual benefit will be a natural consequence.

Transparency is the future. A developed relationship makes room for opennes and influences the quality, origin and source of the products.

When working closely together, the results will be better!


Food Safety

Quality and its Continuity have to be guaranteed at all times.

Our growers, producers and suppliers are certified to garantee traceability and a certain level of Risk-Control.

But we desire more certainty.

Visiting the production sites and meeting its people has always been important for us to have trust in our partners.



Personalized Solutions.

By mastering the full supply-chain your logistical solutions will be personalized and advanced.
We push ourselves to deliver your goods at your desired time and place in the right conditions.

Truck-loads, FCLs or Pallets are managed through our world-wide strategically placed storage-units, carefully planned and customized to your desires.


Global Network

Visiting our suppliers worldwide and knowing the people who grow our products gives us the cutting edge on handling and quality assurance.

Trusting quality means knowing our growers and how their products go through our supply-chain to reach you in the right conditions. We have offices at strategically important locations, like Eastern Europe and South America, to make sure we keep a close eye on the products.

World-Wide we have Suppliers with whom we have been building a strong partnership for years. We visit them, we even know the people who work there, we keep in touch, audit the facilities personally and we are serious about managing quality and handling. As a result an increasing number of our producers is GlobalGAP certified.

We have clients from locations around the world throughout: Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North-, Middle- and South-America.

Check the harvesting calendars of our global network of partners Learn more about our products

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